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Founded in 2015, by two individuals navigating the challenges of modern parenting. They both had nagging concerns around the effects of excess screen time for young children, with potential negatives around sleep disruption, fine motor control development and addictiveness of screens making us think twice about putting their kids in front of a screen.

It all starts with a card...

Yoto Cards let kids explore what inspires them. And there are two audio players to play them on and they are perfect for travel.

You can also make your own cards.

Turn your bedtime stories into Yoto Cards that kids can listen to again and again

Record our stories in the Yoto App.

Just hit record and then link your story to a Make Your Own Card in seconds.

Every player comes with...

Yoto players are packed with free audio that kids can play at the press of a button including Yoto Daily, Yoto Radio, Sleep Sounds, and Timers.

Kids learn through play.

Yoto inspires independent learning and play, building kids’ confidence as they grow.

  • Worry-free playtimes. Unlike smart speakers, kids choose their own cards to play, so they don't have to remember what they like.
  • Independence for you and them. Kids learn about responsibility with their own device, so you'll get your phone back. It's a screen-free, win-win!

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