Kids' Book Reviews

June 2021 - New Children's Book Releases
A summary of all the new books headed to McCoy Kids this month!
May 2021 - New Children's Book Releases
May book releases coming to McCoy Kids.
April 2021 - New Children's Book Releases
An overview of the new release children's book titles coming to McCoy Kids in April, 2021.
March 2021 - New Children's Book Releases
Below is a current look at the new release books we anticipate having in store this month. If you would like to preorder The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman, please have all orders in by the 15th of the month...
There is certainly a gravity to this book, as well as beauty. It will challenge both you as a parent and your child to ask some hard questions and really delve into them.
February 2021 - New Children's Book Releases
A highlight of all the new book titles coming to McCoy Kids in February, 2021.
Rain Before Rainbows: A Beautiful Way to Help Navigate the Hard Times
Books are always such a wonderful way to help kids visualize their feelings and a way to work through them. Being able to see a physical representation of their emotions helps them validate those feelings and understand that they are allowed to feel them.
January 2021 - New Children's Book Releases
A monthly digest of new children's books coming to McCoy Kids. This post covers January 2021.
Anti racist and inclusive books for kids

We believe it's important for all children to have access to books that:

  • Feature characters that look and talk like them
  • Emphasizes the power of using your voice to stand-up for what you believe in
  • Teaches kids about the importance of inclusive language and actions
Woodland Dreams by Karen Jameson and Marc Boutavant
Woodland Dreams is a new bedtime story from Karen Jameson and Marc Boutavant. Released by Chronicle Books on October 27, 2020, this book is a beautiful and poetic bedtime read. 
Goodnight Goon (A Petrifying Parody) by Michael Rex
Don't be confused, Goodnight Goon is not only a Halloween read. Fun for babies and toddlers alike, this book parody is sure to delight families and become a staple in your bedtime routine.