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Organic Zoo is a children's clothing business founded by Paulina, inspired by the freedom of childhood and the simple joy of living with less. She was born and raised in communist Poland, the middle of 3 sisters. Daily life for her family was hard. As a restless child, standing in line for hours, holding her mother’s hand, as they waited with their coupons, to buy basic supplies of bread, milk, butter and eggs. The buildings, landscape, even the sky, seemed endlessly grey and cold. 
Escaping the everyday reality, meant she and her sisters were encouraged by their parents, to be creative. They would dream up wonderful worlds full of joy and color. There were few toys available to buy so instead they would pretend, creating games, stories and places in their minds. Without access to lots of things, they turned our attention to what they did have; nature and their imaginations.

Despite the challenges of the regime, life for them as kids was simple and carefree.
Summers were spent in a wooden hut by the lake. The forest was their playground, they learned to swim in the open water and to fish with rods made of sticks. Those warm hazy days seemed endless, with sun-kissed cheeks, grubby knees and bare feet, no day went by without a picnic.
Their mum was resourceful and taught them to appreciate what was useful and meaningful. Their clothes were second-hand or handed-down. Her classic and timeless style meant they were dressed in simple, effortless clothes always ready for exploring and playing. Clothing made for adventures, and to be lived in. She raised them to see the beauty in simplicity. 
It was a magical, wonderful childhood.
Paulina grew up feeling lighter and happier with less, with a love of being creative, resourceful and connected to nature. It’s these values that are the inspiration for Organic Zoo, creating children’s clothing rooted in that same spirit of playful simplicity, inspired by the natural joy and freedom of her childhood.  
Paulina wants to share her passion for a simpler, more sustainable way of living, by creating minimal, comfortable, and high-quality children's clothes that are beautiful to wear and practical for play. From her home in Brighton, England, the first Organic Zoo collection was launched over 10 years ago. A decade on and some of those designs are still bestsellers. As Organic Zoo has grown up, so to have the babies they’ve been lucky to dress. It gives them such joy to see our clothes being loved, worn, and passed on to other little ones, to siblings and friends. 
Their hope is that together we can all inspire a simpler, kinder world and way of life.

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