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Every baby is born with a unique gift to share with the world. They may be small, but they are mighty. This belief has been the driving force for goumi since the beginning.

The goumi story began with two high school friends sitting at the kitchen table. One mama on maternity leave (Lili) and another seasoned mama, Linsey Ebuen, who knew all too well how the small essentials available on the market were ill-fitting, unattractive, and bad for the environment. Linsey had created prototype mitts and booties for her girls when they were little, and as she was sharing her inventions with Lili, they knew these were items every mama needed.

Goumi has come a long way since that kitchen table, and while Linsey Ebuen has moved on to new business ventures, we are so grateful to have her amazing ideas still a part of the foundation of goumi today. From collections meant to inspire you to dream big, to creating sizes for the very smallest among us; everything they make is purposefully designed to support both mama and baby, making small things easier during big life changes.They are committed to only producing products that are sustainable, functional, and beautiful. Giving you and your baby the freedom to become the mighty you were meant to be.

Since the beginning, they’ve contributed 10% of their profits to lift our planet’s most vulnerable - helping rescued human trafficking victims stay rescued and giving preemie mitts to families in need in the NICU.

You can count on goumi products to be:

  • Thoughtfully designed Infused with purpose and love into every detail, they research, build, and rigorously test every product to give your babies the best without compromise. 
  • Functional and smart:  Whether that’s better snaps for easy diaper changes or patterns and prints to stretch baby’s brain, everything about Goumi products is intentionally functional, solving a real need.
  • Sustainable and goodThrough the right blend of material and construction techniques that leave the smallest footprint, our products are organic, eco friendly, and sustainable.

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