Collection: Born to Explore

Born to Explore is a children's clothing brand that combines the natural world with children's curiosity to discover it. 

They believe that being among nature shapes the child's sensitivity, stimulates their curiosity, imagination and creativity, it is a place of an infinite number of positive stimuli. "Children flourish in nature" - this was the thought that accompanied them while creating the brand and clothes.

High quality and local entrepreneurs

Born to Explore pays special attention to the quality of clothes. They use only GOTS-certified organic cotton for their production. The entire process of creating and sewing clothes takes place in Poland where Paulina and Mateusz reside, so they know perfectly well in what places and conditions they are made. 

Unique patterns and comfortable clothes

Most prints are beautiful, hand-drawn patterns created by Monika Mularczyk, and in the latest collection it is the work of Marcelina Golis, making the clothes small works of art. They spend extra effort to ensure the illustrations reflect the real appearance of animals and plants as closely as possible, and in combination with smooth knitted fabrics to create unique stylizations. 

They believe that a comfortable wardrobe is an absolute must-have for every child. There is no place for awkward movements, materials or irritating finishes. Clothes, apart from being eye-catching, must be comfortable!

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