1, 2, 3 Salish Sea: A Pacific Northwest Counting Book

1, 2, 3 Salish Sea: A Pacific Northwest Counting Book

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This beautiful natural history counting book features artist Nikki McClure’s stunning papercut artwork of flora and fauna found in and alongside the Salish Sea.

A celebration of the unique Salish Sea ecosystem, this counting book will inspire kids to learn more about the creatures who are found here, like stubby squids, lumpsuckers, banana slugs, orcas, nudibranchs, and sculpin. Each image is lovingly created by artist Nikki McClure in her intricate papercut style and captures her passion for this special place in the Pacific Northwest.

About the Author

In 1996, NIKKI McCLURE made her first papercut for the book Apple. She has been creating papercut artwork ever since. She splits her time between making a yearly calendar and making children’s books. In the summer, she sails north to explore islands, watch birds, hang out with moss, pick berries, and swim in the Salish Sea. McClure shows her artwork at Land Gallery in Portland every November. She lives in Olympia, Washington, with her family under cedar trees along the eastern shore of the southern Salish Sea. She is also the author of The First 1000 DaysThe Next 1000 Days, and Embrace